"As long as you have a star to reach, you’ll always have a reason to live."
~ Alvin Barcelona



We spread your message in a simple yet powerful way...

with podcast interviews!



You're an Expert...

Time to Shine!

One of the best ways to market your business is you showcasing yourself as an expert in your field. Interviews give you the ability to stand out and reach a mass audience without advertising.


Marketing you and your business is vital to growth and sustainability. Being in front of as many people as possible as often as possible is key to building and sustaining your brand. Getting interviews is an important part of any marketing strategy for the following reasons...

Brand Awareness

Psychology states that it takes a minimum of 7 times of seeing a brand before people begin to recall and associate that brand with it's message. Getting out to as many people as you can, as often as you can, brings the awareness that you need for building your business. 

Expert Position

The public perceives professionals, speakers and authors that promote themselves with the power of interviews as experts in their field. And the more interviews you have, the more they trust your expertise. Perception is reality, and interview marketing is no different.

Establish Credibility

Interviews are one of the best ways to establish credibility because people begin to know, like and trust you the more they hear your message. Interviews give viewers a more personal view of who you are, what your business is, and how you may be able to assist them. 

Grow Your Lists

Strategic interview marketing increases your email lists, social media following, and grows your reach. Regardless if you are using a CRM to get capture new leads and nurture your community or directing audiences to your social media channels... the size of your community does matter.

Close More Sales

Whether you are launching your new book, program, product or service... or just staying current in the public eye... being interviewed will increase your closing rate because audiences already feel they know you and your offering. Buyers will be primed and will have less resistance to purchasing with your calls to action. 

Get New Clients

Obviously new audiences bring new clients, so getting in front of any many people as possible is a sure fire way to find new clients, build your brand, and grow your business. Getting booked on current and new shows related to your business is an important part of what Starrz PR does for you.

“Working with Starrz PR has been an incredible blessing!  Tracey is a bright shining light full of love, compassion, generosity of spirit, and commitment to raising the vibration of the planet and expanding our consciousness.  As the host of the very popular international TV/radio show ‘The Council’ here in Denver, CO., I have been working with Starrz PR and Tracey for almost 9 months now.  I couldn’t be happier with our co-creative partnership. The guests they have brought to the show have been amazing!  Her dedication, passion, thoroughness, and selflessness stand out in a field where there are a lot of pretenders.  Tracey is the real deal!  As a consequence of working together with Starrz PR, the show has catapulted to new heights and our numbers continue to climb, reaching listeners from all around the globe!  If you want to elevate your TV/radio or podcast show to a new level, Tracey is the person to get you there!  I couldn’t recommend Starrz PR more highly!! 

Charlie Pacello, The Council Show

Ayse Hogan


Modern authors and speakers who want to compete in the current digital trend will need to adopt an effective strategy to reach and attract readers or listeners. Getting your message heard above the social media clamor is difficult. Podcast interviewing is setting a growing trend to be a great way for authors and speakers to build a following without the mantra of “buy my book” or “invite me as a speaker”. Unlike books sitting on the bookstore shelves or speaking topics exclusively heard on live conferences, podcasts are evergreen which means even if guests appeared on a podcast a year ago, a new audience can find it today and in the future. It is one of the best benefits for authors and speakers who are always in the process of promoting their work.

Dr. Fred DiDomenico


Business, Career, Executive/Leadership, Health/Fitness/Wellness, Spiritual/Purpose, and Transformation Coaches.

Any coaching practice that helps and leads people through change to better lives need to build the ‘know, like and trust’ factor. People are more likely to open up wallets and give time to someone if they know them, like them, and trust them. Podcast interviewing is the best way to naturally build trust with a target audience. When podcast listeners are consuming podcast content, they are focused and committed to listening. Unlike social media where people are easily distracted, podcast guesting is a perfect platform for coaches to put their voice and their message literally in people’s ears.

Joe DeMaria


Any modern marketer also needs a new marketing avenue through which they can build their own brand, reach new audiences, and scale overall business growth with lesser competition. According to the Content Marketing Institute, only 17% of marketers use podcasts as part of their content marketing efforts. And this adoption rate is expected to rise more in the future. Unlike website ads or traditional ads that just pop up in the face randomly, podcast listeners trust the voices they hear behind the shows to help them learn new tactics to grow their business, improve their marketing skills or just be inspired by entrepreneurial interviews. Podcast guesting is a timely tool for Digital Marketers with a story to tell to stand out in a crowd of competitors today.

Phyllis Johnson


Advertising Professionals, Management Consultants, Financial Consultants, Real Estate and Investment Consultants, Medical Experts, and E-Commerce Experts.

Gone are the days where professional services relied exclusively on highly competitive online marketing channels such as blogs, social media, and email campaigns to reach their target audience. Podcasts have a high engagement and low competition market.  Appearing as guests on podcasts will boost professional services in attracting wealthier and educated potential clients who might require their services in the future. Along with building expertise, authority, and branding today.


Starrz PR helps you get booked using these tools for success!


Our TARGETED PITCH booking process is tailored to ensure your exposure to new target audiences in building your brand and business. 



Be a guest expert! During the campaign, our strategy is streamlined to secure you interview appearances on TOP QUALITY SHOWS with listeners who will want to hear your expertise. We use a proprietary software to search and find the BEST shows for your Target Audience, as well as we have established partnerships with many of the top name hosts,

Part of the strategy is to help you be a better guest and maximize every interview appearances at the most time-effective, cost-efficient, and ROI-driven way. Starrz PR brings you value with the highest quality of service better than just any other podcast booking services.


What a few of our clients have to share...

Bonnie Serratore

Spiritual Acceleration

While working with Starrz PR for only 8 months, my mailing list and social media communities quadrupled, my sales increased 25%, we started new webinars, and I was interviewed on many shows and several new tele-summits broadening my reach and impact in the world. 

Drs. Michael & Barbara Grossman

The Age Gracefully Show &
The Falling In Love Forever Show

Working with Starrz PR we have been interviewed on many shows, and they also have gotten us started with two new FB Live and podcasts of our own! Now working with them to book guests to interview. Great group and service!

Bob Doyle

The Bob Doyle Show &

No More Secrets Podcast

Starrz PR has helped me get booked on interviews, as well as get great guests for my shows. They are easy and great to work with and I highly recommend their services.






Join the Starrz PR Family today!

  • Starrz PR is dedicated to helping you get your message out to the world and brand you as the expert you are in your field.

  • Getting interviewed by multiple show hosts is a powerful way that Starrz PR delivers you credible content you can use to market yourself, your products and your services.

  • From small to large audiences, Starrz PR delivers great conversations with hosts in your niche that will enhance how you are seen in the world. 

  • Starrz PR walks you through a proprietary process of creating an interview template that will be used for getting you booked, streamlining your interview topic and question options for show hosts, and getting scheduled for interviews. 

  • And if you're a show host... 

    Starrz PR will help you book quality guests that fit your mission and expand your audience, as well as assist you with monetizing your show.


We start where you are at and help you grow!

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Shows are booked based upon your unique offer, industry, desires, goals, and schedule. 


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other similar agency fees start at $5000!



* Starrz PR is Tier 2 affiliate when possible.

"Working with Starrz PR has been wonderful! They have an energy that is indulgent. I can always count on them to pull through and find some amazing guests! Hands down? Starrz PR is a Keeper! A magic coin in your pocket! Organized, hard-working, and so bright. I am grateful to Starrz PR and glad to have them on my team."

Rustie MacDonald, The Living & Thriving with Rustie Show


Experts in communications and marketing, Starrz PR Team is more than just your go-to for getting booked with interviews, they have the experience and connections you need for getting your message, brand and business out in the world.

Tracey Samlow Starr


Known as the Heart 2 Heart Connector, Tracey is an expert in making excellent strategic connections and creating collaborative deals, as well as building businesses with interview marketing.

Judi Moreo


Former owner of one of Las Vegas' largest modeling agencies, Judi has decades of PR experience and knows how to get people seen and booked. She is also an expert with image and brand consulting.

Crystal Mark

Client Manager

Crystal is the glue that keeps Starrz PR together, running smooth and ensuring that our client's interview connections are successful for all parties. The details are what count, and Frannie is a master.

Allen Galindo

Artistic Creator

Allen is our resident graphic artist and is responsible for showcasing our clients and their interviews using his gifts and talents in all our client pitch and promotional materials.

Mark Credo

Show Coordinator

Mark is our matchmaker extraordinaire with our clients and gets them booked on shows special to their avatar and target audience so they have the greatest opt-ins with monetization as the focus.

Ciaran DeCuir

Show Coordinator

Ciaran is coming on new to our team and will be our show and interview guru. She has experience collaborating with the most amazing people and creating the most memorable experiences!

Joint Ventures

Collaboration is Key to Success

In addition to this amazing team you see here, we also have several joint ventures with other connected booking agencies so we can deliver the highest quality service for our clients. We are open to collaborations, so if you are interested in learning more about how we partner, please connect! 


We'd love to hear from you!


We start where you are at and help you grow!

Shows are booked based upon your unique offer, industry, desires, goals, and schedule. 


Are You A 


Let Us Help You!

Coordinating quality guests can be a challenge.
At Starrz PR we are here to scout, schedule and assist you with creating amazing content for your audience with interviews that will leave your community wanting more!




We also provide other services for hosts, including booking guests for your show, affiliate monetization consulting, Podcast and Livestream setup, training, and more!


If you already have a show or are looking to start one, we're here to help!


Starrz PR has the experience and the resources to assist you with getting your message out in a variety of ways, including show host support! We help you grow your audience, your network, and your business. We partner with you to be the agency arm you need to make hosting your show fun and profitable!


Ready to host your own show? It's easy to get started, fun, and can be a way to share your message and collaborate with others in your industry to really establish yourself as an expert and position your brand for growth.


At Starrz PR, we can get you setup with Podcast Jumpstart, podcast hosting, strategizing and monetizing your show, launching on major channels like Apple Radio/iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and more! Our experts will walk you through the process and do a lot of the setup for you. Ask how we can help!


Being a show host can be daunting, but Starrz PR is here to help train you...

- How to setup your show

- How to use livestream

- How to use equipment (and what equipment to get)

- How to get comfortable in front of a camera or on air

- How to professionally interview guests

- And more!



Finding great guests for your show is a specialty that Starrz PR can help you with...

- Finding experts that fit your audience demographics

- Scheduling interviews

- Coordinating topics, descriptions, bios, headshots, affiliate links, etc.

- And more!


Starrz PR finds you quality guests so your interviews fit your mission and expand your audience reach.


We coordinate schedules for LIVE or recorded interviews, so you don't have to!


StarrzPR gets all the details from your guests, like headshots, bios, interview topics and questions. 


If guests have an affiliate program, we register you and get links to help you monetize your show.


Let us help you discover what may work best for you and your business!


Starrz PR is dedicated to sharing your message with the most appropriate audiences to help you build your brand and your business!

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